Tommy Lee Calls Out Travis Scott for Stealing Stage Design


Motley Crue's Tommy Lee took to Twitter to rip Travis a new one over accusations that he stole the rock star's stage setup. "WTF!" Lee said "Get an original idea bro..."

The drummer then posted a second carnival ride that Travis uses during his Astrowold concerts, claiming his band used the rollercoaster ride first.

"ANNNNND not one rip off but TWO".

In another post, Lee added, "I get copying is a form of flattery, but this is just straight ripping off my sh*t".

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Tommy Lee shared another video comparing Travis Scott's alleged rip-offs to his sets, as the other clip showed how Scott riding above the crowd in a roller coaster is similar to his set which he called "The Crüecifly" that debuted in 2014.

Scott's lawyer defended the "Astroworld" set in a statement to TMZ. "Hong the name of his album and the whole idea of the project".

To be fair, Travis Scott simply hired the Las Vegas based company called SGPS to create his stage experience. "And the plot thickens! F**king SGPS! So all u mothaf**kas tellin me I'm not right can f**k off", he wrote. "The actual creator and owner of the system has granted Travis all rights to use that equipment to complement his original stage design".

Tommy won that case, but LOLz - people in glass houses!