South Florida girl in need of rare blood to fight cancer


According to a press release, more than 1,000 local and nationwide donations have been tested.

'We were all crying, ' said Zainab's father Raheel Mughal in an interview with OneBlood.

A worldwide search is under way to find specific donors with a rare blood type who could help save a two-year-old girl with an aggressive cancer.

Zainab Mughal has a rare blood type and needs transfusions to help save her life after being diagnosed with neuroblastoma.

According to OneBlood, Zainab's blood is extremely rare because it is missing an antigen, called "Indian B", that most people commonly carry in their red blood cells.

Her dad told OneBlood that he, his wife and most of their families donated, but were not a match.

Zainab's blood is missing a common antigen.

Mughal 2 is missing a common Indian-B antigen meaning she’ll need a rare donor who is also missing that antigen
Mughal 2 is missing a common Indian-B antigen meaning she’ll need a rare donor who is also missing that antigen

Zainab Mughal, two (left and right), from South Florida, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma - a cancer of the nerve cells - in October.

"We now have to provide more specialty matched blood for this child", said Frieda Bright, the reference laboratory manager for OneBlood, in a video produced by the organization. This means that both the parents of the donors must be from Pakistan, India or Iran and the blood type should be either "O" or "A".

Must be blood type "O" or "A".

And even within these ethnic groups, fewer than 4% have the genetic variation.

So far, three donors have been located - one of whom lives in the United Kingdom.

The only people who are likely to be a match for Zainab are people of Pakistani, Indian or Iranian descent, OneBlood said. So far, three donors have been found. The antigen is called 'Indian B.' For a person to be a possible match for Zainab, they must also be missing the Indian B antigen or the little girl's body will reject the blood. OneBlood, which said the ideal number of donors is between seven and 10, is offering to coordinate testing for anyone who believes they fit the criteria.

"What you're doing to save a human life, my daughter's life, is wonderful", shared Mughal.

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