Fortnite's new Creative mode is Epic's answer to Minecraft


So, Epic Games was set to announce some exciting Fortnite news at The Game Awards, a reveal which would have been followed by some YouTubers giving us a more in-depth look at said news.

"Design games, race around the island, battle your friends in new ways and build your dream Fortnite".

The seven new skins in the Season 7 Battle Pass. Oh, also you can fly.

This means that players don't have long left to complete their Battle Pass and finish all of the weekly challenges. There's also an ice block terrain tile that makes the player slide for a few feet after coming into contact with it. You can use weapons while using the ziplines. They can save those creations and invite friends to play on their island. Initially, there are 4 islands to play with, so don't worry about having to stick to just one! Servers can be active for four hours at a time, making for some creative marathons!

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So - when can you start building? Fly mode allows players to rapidly travel about the map and create in mid-air.

This feature will be available for everyone starting on December 13. The YouTuber guides viewers though getting into the mode, to using the creative interface and selecting prefabs, devices, weapons, consumables, and chests from the menus. Along with the burgeoning Battle Royale as its focus, Fortnite had built an impressive base by the end of 2017 but had largely flown under the mainstream's radar.

Beyond that, the Battle Royale map has undergone a series of changes.

If that sounds a lot like the creative mode in "Minecraft", that's because it's very similar. That's sure to get many creators deleting links to the Steam store and replacing them with Epic Games Store affiliate links.