Washington Redskins Pass on Colin Kaepernick


Washington head coach Jay Gruden said the Redskins discussed Colin Kaepernick but opted against pursuing him because they'd have to change too much of their offense.

Gruden said the discussions to bring in Kaepernick were "not really" any different than talks regarding other quarterback options. "But we will probably go a different direction". His collusion grievance, as well as his position on kneeling during the anthem to protest social injustice, is going to continue to keep him from getting a job in the NFL.

Gruden said that they would need to build a specific package of plays and formations to take advantage of Kaepernick's athleticism, and that doing so this late in the season wasn't realistic. Mark Sanchez, signed 2.5 weeks ago, is now the starter and Josh Johnson has reportedly been signed as his backup.

With Alex Smith and now Colt McCoy lost to broken legs, the Redskins are left with Mark Sanchez starting at quarterback for the final four games of the season.

The best of Mark Sanchez's first presser as starting QB

"Let's just execute, see what happens, have fun at this practice, let's go knock out this walkthrough, let's go get through this practice, let's get that lift". Not that Colin can't do some of the things we've talked about, but we want someone with a little more familiarity. Gruden said he did not consider bringing in Kaepernick for that workout either. Gruden told reporters during a conference call Tuesday that only about 20 percent of the playbook was available to Sanchez, who was operating off a play sheet on his wristband. Sanchez's experience in a prostyle offense helped out a lot. But when you have a short week like we had. you had to have somebody in here that had some similar conceptual awareness that we had with Colt.

We can all say with certainty that Sanchez did not run into the posterior of his offensive lineman with that answer.

Kaepernick has not been able to join an National Football League team's roster, despite a 49ers resume that includes leading the team to a Super Bowl appearance in the 2012 season.

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