SpaceX Falcon 9 crashes into sea in dramatic video of failed landing


It appeared to be undamaged and was transmitting data, Musk said, adding that a recovery ship was sent to retrieve it.

"The engines in time stabilized the rotation of the rocket, allowing for a safe landing in the water!"

SpaceX launched its unmanned Dragon cargo ship to the global space station on Thursday but failed to successfully land its booster afterward as the tall portion of the rocket missed its goal of securing an upright landing on solid ground at Cape Canaveral's Landing Zone 1.

On Wednesday afternoon, unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 successfully lifted off at approximately 1:16 P.M for the global space station.

"The important point here is we have a safety function on board that makes sure the vehicle does not go on land until everything is OK, and that worked perfectly", SpaceX vice president Hans Koenisgman said.

The trouble started shortly after Wednesday's afternoon launch, when the hydraulic system on the booster's grid fins failed, Musk tweeted, causing it to start spinning rapidly toward the Atlantic Ocean.

Videos swirling across the internet shows that the booster got out of the control as it headed towards the designated landing spot.

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Despite the landing, the mission successfully placed in orbit its Dragon uncrewed cargo spacecraft.

What is Falcon 9?This is rocket, belonging to the class of Falcon.

"Dragon, you saw separate, and now the solar arrays coming out. All told, another great day for SpaceX and NASA".

The Dragon is carrying more than 56-hundred pounds of supplies and payloads to the International Space Station, including critical materials to directly support more than 250 science and research investigations.

To the global space station kicked off the sixteenth mission of the cargo ship Dragon under the NASA contract with SpaceX.

The bad food was replaced ahead of Wednesday's launch.