Wade Is Interrogated In The Latest Once Upon A Deadpool Teaser


At one point during the rapid-fire interaction between the two in the clip above, Fred asks a question many of you may have asked upon learning that this new sanitized version of Deadpool 2 hits theaters on December 12th.

The completely transparent marketing strategy behind Once Upon A Deadpool is what makes the PG-13 remake of Deadpool 2 palatable at all for the cynical moviegoers and comicbooks fans of the world. The answer is pretty obvious, and thankfully, Deadpool himself is here to tell it like it is.

Let's be honest: Once Upon a Deadpool is a cash-grab. Deadpool's response: "It's a family movie".

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Once Upon a Deadpool will contain footage from Deadpool 2, but edited down to a PG-13 format which means cutting some of the violence and language. For every ticket sold, $1 will go to the charity Fudge Cancer - previously known as Fuck Cancer, "who have graciously changed their name to be more PG-13 friendly for the 12 days of Once Upon A Deadpool's release". Still that's likely to be enough to draw the audience in.

To kick off the holiday season audiences of nearly all ages will soon be able to enjoy the Merc with the Mouth's reimagining of Deadpool 2 filtered through the prism of childlike innocence. As Deadpool says: "I'm not sure this level of curiosity is cute from a middle-aged man strapped to a bed against his will".

The "this" Fred is asking about, the thing he's wondering whether audiences will swallow, is of course the new version of the movie that actually includes some new scenes and is an homage of sorts to Savage's starring role in the 1987 classic "The Princess Bride". "The second condition took some explaining..."