Lead singer of The Buzzcocks Pete Shelley dead at 63


According to preliminary information, the cause of death was a heart attack.

'Pete Shelley RIP made me do this so often back in the halcyon days'.

Pete Shelley was the front man for the band who are best known for their hit, Ever Fallen In Love.

Shelley was a founding member of the band, which he formed in Bolton with singer-songwriter Howard Devoto in 1976.

USA rockers the Pixies tweeted "RIP Pete Shelley" while Simply Red frontman Mick Hucknall wrote "Thank you Buzzcocks' punk pop icon Pete Shelley for changing my life for the better in 1976".

A more detailed statement will follow.

The Buzzcocks were part of the punk revolution which began in England in the mid-1970s and also featured such groups as the Sex Pistols and the Clash.

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Shelley was born near Manchester in 1955 to a former mill worker and a fitter at a nearby coal mine.

They played their first gig at their college and by the following year they were debuting for the Sex Pistols, having driven 200 miles in a borrowed auto down to London to convince the Pistols' manager, Malcolm McLaren, to let them onstage.

Shelley's solo career then spawned 1983's XL1 and 1986's Heaven and the Sea before Buzzcocks reformed in 1989.

They went onto release their first album, Spiral Scratch, on their own independent label a year later.

Buzzcocks did better commercially in their homeland than in the USA, but their punk / pop punk sound had a lasting impact on musicians everywhere, as evidenced by the tributes pouring in by everyone from Pearl Jam to Green Day. Following the band's breakup, Shelley released a string of solo albums, including 1981's Homosapien and 1983's XL1.

The BBC Radio 5 Live presenter, 57, jumps frantically up and down in the spot as his co-host Sean Farrington plays Buzzcocks track 'What Do I Get?'

The Buzzcocks broke up in the early 1980s, but reunited in the late '80s and continued to perform and record over the past three decades.