Arctic weather system sparks HEAVY SNOW tomorrow -Britain set for COLDEST weekend


He said: "There have been some parts of Europe that have experienced quite significant cold, heavier-than-average snow in countries like Austria and in northern and central Europe".

The forecaster has said that blizzards and freezing temperatures are likely to batter Britain in early February, one of the longest-range warnings it has issued.

Average daytime temperatures in the south of England will struggle to rise above 6C, she said.

"Colder air will move into northern Scotland later, with showers there turning increasingly wintry".

The Met Office can not say whether the United Kingdom will be hit with snow, and rumours of a Beast from the East sequel are not confirmed.

And although temperatures are predicted to drop after Tuesday, the sun is expected to be out on Thursday. The risk of snow will be confined to the North Eastr during the working week, but by next weekend there'll be a good chance of widespread snow and frost'.

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But forecasters said the cold spell isn't down to a new "Beast from the East" - which saw wintry conditions hit the United Kingdom a year ago - and instead to "Arctic maritime airflow" coming from the north and different to the extreme weather seen in parts of central Europe. It is expected to remain mainly cold, unsettled and sometimes windy thereafter, according to the Met Office.

"The week beginning Monday, January 21, there is a stronger signal of it getting colder, that would increase the risk of snow across the United Kingdom". The warming started around 22 December 2018 and the winds at around 30km above the North Pole reversed from westerly to easterly around New Year's Day.

The Met Office said sudden stratospheric warming had appeared around Christmas, when there was a sharp increase in the temperature over a couple of days.

Scots are being told to brace for a big freeze brought about by "below average" winter temperatures in the coming weeks.

Although the Met Office is not ruling out a Beast from the East, forecasters believe the weather will be stable. "But there is nothing in the next week or so that could indicate any change like the Beast from the East".