Rescue operation underway for two-year-old boy who has fallen down a well


A massive rescue operation was under way today to find a two-year-old Spanish boy who fell down a well more than 100 metres deep.

One of the adults saw the child slip into the hole and he was heard screaming before becoming silent. The camera has found a cup and a bag of candies that Yulen was holding when he fell, 78-metres down, compacted in wet sand. The only sign of him so far: The cup and sweets the child, named Yulen or Yulan, was holding were spotted at a depth of 255 feet by a camera lowered into the hole; the camera has reportedly made it to a depth of 262 feet thus far.

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Rescue services have found heavy compacted sand layer so they are digging slowly, and they are thinking another alternatives.

Local newspapers reported that the family had suffered tragedy two years ago when Oliver, the older brother of Yulan, died suddenly of a heart attack aged just three years old.