With no new talks, Los Angeles teacher strike all but inevitable


Teachers are forming picket lines at the schools and many students and non-teachers are joining them in solidarity. The strike will impact 480,000 students served by the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second largest school district in the nation. Union officials said they believe they would have prevailed in court but made a decision to postpone a strike to avoid confusion and give teachers, parents and others time to prepare. "When they come to an agreement, that's something from a credit standpoint you want to dig into, in terms of the district's funding moving forward". He's a former UTLA member and now part of the California Teachers Empowerment Network, which describes itself as a nonpartisan information source for teachers and the public.

Van der Fluit, a 20-year LAUSD veteran who teaches high school biology, said the union should prioritise other issues including creating access to vocational education classes and providing options for students who want to pursue careers that don't necessarily require a college degree.

Abram van der Fluit, a Los Angeles teacher opposed to the strike, said in a statement on Sunday that colleagues who agree with him are "fearful" of speaking out against the union.

Negotiations between the union United Teachers Los Angeles and the LAUSD began in early 2017, and union members have been working without a contract for more than a year.

The schools are being staffed with a mix of volunteers, substitute teachers, nurses, librarians and counselors. At 10 schools, non-teaching employees will join in the strike in sympathy, which could make serving lunch and other functions hard.

"I don't support the rationale for the strike as articulated by UTLA", he said.

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Arellano said he's going on strike because his classes have 46 students in them, which is too high. Union officials said some of the district's proposals would expire after a year, calling it disrespectful. That strike lasted about nine days.

A group of education leaders in Los Angeles said it's concerned about competition from non-union charter schools.

The union also wants significantly smaller class sizes, which routinely top 30 students, and more nurses, librarians, and counselors to "fully staff" the district's campuses in Los Angeles and all or parts of 31 smaller cities, plus several unincorporated areas. On Friday, the district revised its offer after Gov. Gavin Newsom released his proposed state budget.

"Students, we are striking for you", teachers union President Alex Caputo-Pearl told a cheering crowd of teachers marching in pouring rain.

Months of talks between the union with 35,000 members and the Los Angeles Unified School District ended without a deal. The union rejected a district offer Friday to hire almost 1,200 teachers, counselors, nurses and librarians and reduce class sizes by two students.