European Union letter in full: What assurances have been offered for Brexit?


British Prime Minister Theresa May will force a second parliamentary vote on her Brexit deal despite facing defeat, The Sun reported on Monday.

Leo Varadkar will hold a meeting with his cabinet later to discuss no-deal Brexit contingency preparations.

The Sun tabloid claimed ahead of the vote that German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a last-ditch intervention, which involves a promise of "extra concessions" from the European Union to sweeten the divorce agreement.

In her letter to the European Union leaders, Mrs May wrote: "The clarifications and undertakings proposed in this letter are consistent with the letter and spirit of the deal we have reached, but would be further reassurance that the fears that some hold on both sides are misplaced".

The contentious Northern Ireland backstop remains the biggest sticking point, and nothing short of a legally watertight guarantee that it can't go on indefinitely will be enough for many of those with concerns, he said.

"We will work with the Government constructively to achieve a better deal". That is why a backstop is essential.

While the DUP is likely to vote against the deal, it will nearly certainly back the prime minister if a no confidence motion is brought against her in Parliament.

"Were the backstop to enter into force in whole or in part, it is meant to apply only temporarily, unless and until it is superseded by a subsequent agreement", they said.

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All along, it has said there is no need for such a mechanism and managed to get more MPs on its side than the government did. But she has vowed to carry on, and there is no way her Conservative Party can evict her as leader - after a failed no-confidence vote in May's leadership by Conservative lawmakers in December, she is safe from another challenge for a year.

Former Labour leader Ed Miliband said the PM must make "herself the servant of the House" if the deal was rejected, giving Parliament an "open and honest process" to express their will.

The Federation of Small Business in Northern Ireland said time was running out to avoid "a chaotic no-deal".

Foreign Policy has been covering the Brexit debate and the U.K. -EU negotiations since the 2016 referendum.

Ireland's Deputy Prime Minister has admitted a no-deal Brexit will lead to a hard border with the North - but they can't admit it to voters because it would cause a backlash, a secret recording revealed today.

The diplomat said much would depend on the scale of May's expected defeat.

The withdrawal agreement includes plans for a post-Brexit transition period to provide continuity until a new relationship is drawn up, in return for continued budget contributions from London. If the prime minister's deal is voted down, what happens next is anyone's guess: Will May step down?