Colorado reports state’s first pediatric flu death of season


One of the five was a 38-year-old man with underlying medical issues; his vaccination status was unclear.

Typically, the Pandemic H1N1 virus sickens younger people more than others because younger and middle-aged adults have not been exposed to the H1N1 virus as much as older adults, and these groups typically have the lowest vaccination rates in the nation. The other four also had chronic illnesses and only one had received the flu vaccine, according to the county.

The CDC has reported a total of 16 pediatric deaths nationwide this season.

Hospitalizations have increased for the flu and flu-like sickness since the beginning of the year according to the Washington County Health Department.

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The County Health and Human Services Agency publishes the weekly Influenza Watch report, which tracks key flu indicators and summarizes influenza surveillance in the region.

It is still recommended that you get a flu shot if you haven't yet as it can still prevent the virus. The vaccine is safe and effective.

County residents can get vaccinated at doctors' offices, retail pharmacies, community clinics and the county's public health centers. For a list of locations, visit or call 2-1-1.