The host of 'To Catch a Predator' has been arrested


To Catch A Predator, the show that scared all parents of a certain generation into constant warnings about the perils of the internet, does not get most of its attention for its host, Chris Hansen.

A television journalist made famous for hosting a controversial investigative series that targeted would-be predators found himself in the hot seat this week after he was arrested in CT.

Hansen, 59, promised Peter Psichopaidas, owner of Promotional Sales LTD., $12,998.05 for 355 ceramic mugs, 288 T-shirts, and 650 vinyl decals, according to the Stamford Advocate.

Owner Peter Psichopaidas then filed a complaint in April, saying a check he received had bounced.

Psichopaidas said Hansen later agreed to make four payments and said his wife would give him a cheque, but police have denied this.

"I am scrambling to get it done", Hansen wrote in an email, according to the Advocate. But after the television host wrote a second check in 2018 that also bounced, the owner contacted the police.

Hansen turned himself in to police and was released without bond after signing a Promise to Appear in court at the end of the month.

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"I told Chris ... that almost $13,000 is a lot of money to a "mom-and-pop" business and it is not fair that he accepted the material but hasn't paid for it", he writes. "I sold a boat to cover the rest of this and need to pick up the payment this afternoon".

Hansen did not send another check, according to authorities. Hansen was then charged with felony larceny.

Sean Scanlan told NBC News that Hansen allegedly bought $13,000 worth of promotional items, such as hats and t-shirts, from a local company.

But Hansen reportedly never did write that check, and police said he wouldn't speak to officers before an arrest warrant was issued.

Hansen confronted alleged child predators during sting operations on "To Catch a Predator", which aired on NBC from 2004 to 2007.

Unsurprisingly, a number of social media users were quick to address the irony of Hansen's arrest, considering the fact that he previously made a name for himself by exposing potential sex offenders on his popular hidden camera show.