Gov. Newsom Pledges Financial Support To TSA Workers


Newsom met TSA workers Thursday at the Sacramento airport.

Defying Trump administration orders that federal employees who are working during the shutdown can not apply for unemployment benefits, Newsom encouraged TSA employees in the state to apply anyway.

"They are, in essence", he continued, "threatening us for doing what we're doing".

Transportation Security Administration employee Miguel Pagarigan, who commutes about 40 miles from Vacaville, Calif. each day, said he's not sure how long he can afford to go without pay as the shutdown continues.

The Trump administration does not appear to be opposing unemployment benefits for federal workers who are staying home during the shutdown.

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But Wednesday, the California Employment Development Department was among those sent a memo from the Department of Labor which states that federal employees who are working without pay "are not unemployed and are, therefore, not eligible for UCFE" (Unemployment Compensation for Federal Employees).

But the federal government says not so fast.

Federal workers considered essential and compelled to work without pay are ineligible for unemployment benefits 'because states may determine that they are still fully employed'.

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