Lunar Eclipse to Darken Moon over North, South America


Kelly says it likely got its name from wolves howling from hunger in winter. That's because the next total eclipse won't happen until 2021, and North Americans will have to wait until 2022 for a blood moon to be visible from their location.

"This supermoon will be the first in a series of three full supermoons - the other dates will be very 19 2019 and March 21, 2019".

The Sunday spectacular is the only full lunar eclipse that will take place this year.

Experts predict that around 22:34 on January 20, the Earth's shadow will begin to tickle the corner of the moon, or what's called the "partial phase".

During the eclipse, sunlight is refracted by the earth's atmosphere and reaches the moon's surface as it bends around the earth's surface.

The blood moon's red hue is the result of sunlight traveling through the Earth's dusty, polluted atmosphere, Fazekas said.

Peak eclipse viewing is at 9:12 p.m. At 8:33 p.m., the umbra - the heart of the Earth's shadow - begins its transit, first enveloping the left side of the lunar disc and gradually swallowing it whole. The event can be enhanced with telescopes or even binoculars, but is thoroughly enjoyable with the naked eye. Not only a total lunar eclipse but also a supermoon will grace the sky this weekend. I knew a full moon couldn't rise as a partial moon.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes perfectly between the Moon and the Sun, blocking most of the light from the Sun in the process.

If skies are clear, the total lunar eclipse also will be partly visible in western Europe.

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According to Accuweather, it will be the first total lunar eclipse visible in its entirety across the United States since December 21, 2010.

Kanipe threw some shade, however, on the "super" aspect of the event's billing. So in other words, the moon won't experience a total eclipse for a while because the orbital nodes of the moon aren't happening at the right time for the full moon to pass through the Earth's shadow.

The moon may appear blood red or brick-red depending upon the weather condition in given areas.

One of them, Dr Bonaventure Okere, while reacting to the lunar eclipse expected to take place on Monday, said some people still misunderstood the natural occurrence. On that occasion, however, totality occurred just after moonrise, so it was low in the east just after sunset.

At the end of the umbral eclipse, it will go back to the penumbral eclipse and the moon will gradually become brighter and brighter.

A lunar eclipse, captured by NASA. No program is being offered in the planetarium itself.

But the Moon does not go pitch black like the Sun does during a solar eclipse. A telescope will be available for people to look through. But for those who prefer to share such event others, another opportunity to do so will be offered at the University of Colorado.

While the moon is fully covered, he says viewers will be able to see a lot of different things they normally couldn't during a regular full moon.