SNL pits Trump against Congress on Deal or No Deal: Shutdown Edition


Saturday Night Live returned from their holiday hiatus over the weekend, with a politically charged Cold Open mocking the ongoing government shutdown. "So we chose to do this in the only format you understand: a TV game show with women holding briefcases".

Alec Baldwin once again reprised his well-worn Donald Trump impression for a special edition of Deal of No Deal: Government Shutdown Edition, hosted by Steve Harvey (Kenan Thompson), who explained that they were getting the president to pay attention to the problem "in the only format you'd understand: A TV game show featuring women holding briefcases".

"Five", Trump said. Harvey asked, "You want briefcase No. 5?"

"Setting that as the bar for his goal, he first choice a case held by his longtime nemesis, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Kate McKinnon), who's case offered, "$1 billion and you say 'Nancy's my mommy'". In SNL's world, he would also "release the kids from cages, so they can be free-range".

Next, Trump picks "that older woman at case 4", which actually happens to be a characterization of Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, who offers Trump $15 and a pastrami on rye. But Trump said "No deal!"

Gobierno coloca dos mil millones de dólares en bonos
Aunque no emitió detalles sobre los objetivos o fines para los que se utilizarán los recursos obtenidos de la transacción.

"Chuck, Chuck, remember we're not doing that anymore?"

SNL Trump then picked briefcases held by Schumer, which he called a Jewish woman, Mitch McConnell, who hid like a turtle, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

"Trump and the GOP are just afraid of me because I'm under 100 and know how to use Instagram", she responded. Finally, Cardi B (Sasheer Zamata) says "I know this ain't my business but shmoney". The offer? A crave case from White Castle, which is 30 little hamburger sliders (or, as the show put it in a spoof of Trump's misspelled tweet, "hamberders").

"I'd still like to have him open it", Baldwin's Trump said.

The theme was, of course, the lingering shutdown.