This Nissan Altima has TRACKS


It does a better job than we ever could. Nissan recently took the heavily modified sedan in deep snow around Canada and performed well, says the automaker.

The achingly-named Altima-te AWD is a collaboration with Motorsports in Action, who gave the Altima a 3-inch suspension lift, fender flares and a track system from American Track Truck. Those living in Canada can however feast their eyes on this model during the Canadian International Auto Show which takes place in Toronto next month.

It joins a bevy of other tracked Nissans that include the Rogue Warrior and the Nissan 370Zki that made the rounds at a number of other auto shows previous year.

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Nissan is hoping the Altima's newly available all-wheel drive system will help it stand out from competition and the company is highlighting the feature by unveiling the new Altima-te AWD.

The tracks on the sedan are 1,220 mm long (48 inches), 750 mm tall (30 inches) tall and 380 mm wide (15 inches), meaning some extensive chassis and body modifications had to be made to accommodate them. The front and rear fenders, for example, were flared out seven inches on each side to make sure they fit.

To modify the fenders, the MIA team applied a complex process involving the design and fabrication of a bespoke wide body kit, and building the fender part using high-density foam and epoxy resin typically used in nautical structures. MIA designed and built the necessary components to raise the vehicle by 80 millimetres/3 inches. The suspension geometry was corrected to offset the deviation caused by the ride height change, and restore the proper kinematics. So far, there isn't any confirmation from Nissan Philippines Inc. just yet, but we have to say the all-new Altima is a looker, even without those snow tracks.