Lisa Armstrong 'hits back' at Ant McPartlin's 'dig' at her in interview


In an interview published over the weekend, Ant - who entered rehab a year ago after pleading guilty to a drink-driving conviction following a vehicle crash - claimed Anne-Marie had been his "rock" throughout his recovery process.

Ant, 43, was wrapped up in a navy coat, jeans and wellies as he threw a stick for his beloved dog as he walked across the common with Anne-Marie.

However, last night he was seen behind the wheel. of a two-person bike as Britain's Got Talent filming got underway.

Anne-Marie, who used to be friends with Lisa, before finding love with Ant after the couple split, wore a padded khaki jacket and jeans.

Liking a series of tweets sent by supporters, Lisa alluded to the fact that she too was "disgusted" by the interview and believed that Ant should "have some respect". She's a attractive soul.

He said: "Anne-Marie honestly is the fundamental reason for the great change in my life". He also admitted that he no longer speaks to Lisa and indicated how he felt about her messages on social media.

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It seems a odd criticism given that Ant told his story to a national newspaper over the weekend.

The make-up artist liked a slew of tweets slamming her ex-husband after he thanked his new girlfriend for "saving him".

But fans of her have taken to social media to offer their support to Lisa, and the make-up artist reacted by "liking" the string of tweets criticising her ex. Don't you think you have hurt Lisa enough? "My heart goes out to @lisaAmakeup the poor girl must be devastated #dignity #keepsmiling".

She shared her appreciation for another post: "Uggghhh im so uncomfortable with the whole gushing of Ant's new found love who has 'saved him", ok fine - but so disrespectful of Lisa Armstrong who has had to put up with the worst of Ant for so many years. short memory.

He told The Sun: 'She's a handsome soul, we're very happy, I'm in the best place I've been in my life, to be honest with you - it's great'. We're very happy. I'm in the best place I've been in my life, to be honest with you.