Passengers shiver through 13-hour ordeal on Canadian tarmac


United officials will greet the passengers upon their arrival in Newark, she said, and will provide them with compensation - including refunds and vouchers - after their ordeal.

Professional wrestler Sonjay Dutt was on board and tweeted about the ordeal, describing the cold weather and conditions passengers dealt with.

Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight from Newark, New Jersey, to Hong Kong were left stuck on a runway for more than 14 hours in frigid weather with a dwindling supply of food.

"Evidently it couldn't be fixed and the pilots began working with their operations centre for a new plan, essentially involving a replacement aircraft that either took us back to Newark or on to Hong Kong or some intermediate airport closer to Hong Kong".

"The airport did not have customs officers overnight so we were not able to let customers depart the aircraft". Despite the subzero temps, passengers were not allowed to leave the plane.

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He said teams of the Health Department visited the patients and 435 close contacts of these cases were also treated free of cost. The health agency said that 12 of those who have died, or 55 percent, were known to be vaccinated against the flu .

United had food delivered to the passengers and "the crew is doing everything possible to assist customers", a United spokesperson said.

"Please help us. This is an emergency @united". People are not doing well.

"It's freezing, not safe for children and elderly". At midnight-nine hours after the aircraft had taken off from Newark and three hours after landing at Goose Bay-passengers were told that the door had frozen shut and another plane would be sent to bring them back to Newark.

Lau told CNN that after almost 24 hours since departing from Newark passengers were "feeling restless and frustrated" and noted that some people had chose to cancel their trip to Hong Kong.

United said it apologizes to its customers and would do everything possible to assist them during the delay. When the door fix proved to be a lengthy process, the exhausted travellers were moved to a rescue plane, which was supposed to leave for Newark late Sunday afternoon. "It is a very unique situation", spokesman Ms Noonan said. The entire way they have treated us from troubleshooting, communicating and actual treatment (or lack of) by most of the flight attendants has been not only unprofessional, but downright DISGUSTING'. He is planning to wait to see how United can get him there ASAP, he said.