'Tidying up With Marie Kondo' - the New Best Thing on Netflix


NETFLIX viewers have reportedly been going mad over Marie Kondo's Tidying Up series with reports of landfills and charity bins overflowing in the wake of its release.

In an age where influence plays a big role in how we live & consumerism is at an all-time high, Marie Kondo enters the picture with her simple yet life-changing philosophy of only keeping things that spark joy. Everything that is not needed should be respectfully discarded.

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"Books are the reflection of our thoughts and values, so by tidying books, it will show you what kind of information is important to you at this moment", she says on the show.

If those who want to incorporate the KonMari method in their homes also kept in mind the five Rs, there would be less overflow in rubbish bins, landfills and charity bins.